Thursday, August 6, 2009

Green shoot

After I completed the registration of this new blog on Blogspot, I watered my balcony garden like I do every day.

As I picked up the watering can, something unexpected caught my attention.

I have a garbage bin tucked in a corner of my balcony. It's an ugly black plastic Office Depot bin which I use to store potting soil. It was almost empty. Down there, in the darkness and bone dry soil, a little green bean shoot had emerged.

It had probably germinated a couple days earlier from a bean dropped there by accident some weeks ago. Unnoticed and unplanned, the shoot was stubbornly doing what shoots do, working hard to stay alive and grow.

I immediately proceeded to move this unlikely survivor to a more favorable ecosystem - a real pot with abundant water and sun and the companionship of thriving vegetables. I have no idea if this little bean plant will live or die, but now I'm attached to it and I'll keep monitoring its every little progress. Perhaps, who knows? this fall I will get to harvest from it.

How fitting, I thought, to have discovered this vegetal baby minutes after launching the digital one. Talk about grass struggle! This blog too has emerged out of nowhere, unexpected and quite unplanned. It may live or more likely it may die, but until it does it will stubbornly do what blogs do - work hard to earn the right to live and grow in the sun for a while.


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